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New Vessel Guiding Star H360

New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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The Ultimate Solution to Digital TV Distribution

The new standard in customer entertainment.

The Triax TDH headend system has revolutionised the potential for access to multiple channels via standard DVB-T television tuners. An ideal solution for the maritime environment.

It was origianlly designed to provide cost effective reception and distribution of TV services for hotels, leisure & educational facilities and residential homes. However, Woodsons have recognsied it's potential in a maritime environment, and have carried out several successful installations to date with very positive results and happy customers!

The TDH unit supports the new pool technology which greatly simplifies the setting up and handling of headends, meaning it only requires a small number of modules to support every receiving and distribution combination, making it easy to create individual, customised MUX packages. The TDH includes market leading benefits normally found on more expensive solutions.

Woodsons have used the TDH on the Freesat & SKY platforms via the Astra satellite where 30+ channels have been programmed into the headend. Also, for Norwegian customers, the system can descramble Canal channels via Thor satellite giving any number of channel combinations.

To find out how the TDH can benefit your business, please download the brochure, or contact us.



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QuoteA word of thanks to Woodsons for a great year of hassle-free internet service. The feedback from my colleagues has been excellent and it is truly a service we could not contemplate being without at this stage. Keep up the good work! Quote

Pio McDevitt
Electrical Engineer on Safe Caledonia (Offshore Flotel)

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