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New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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e-SEA™ H

e-SEA™ H internet provides ships working within Europe, Middle East and Scandinavia with unlimited broadband and a permanent IP connection to the internet, shore side office and telephone network.

The e-SEA™ H internet solution provides the ship with:

Always on internet connection

Unlimited data use over satellite footprint

Choice of downlink data rates up to 4Mb/s

1 phone line as standard w/UK local STD (additional lines available by request)

Connection to shore based VOIP system making vessel extension of office

Single fixed monthly invoice with itemized phone bill

Onboard maintenance and support included with system

Extensive coverage throughout European, Middle East and Scandinavian waters

Each e-SEA™ H system is provided with a telephone interface which can be connected to any standard analogue phone. In addition, the interface can also be connected to the existing PABX onboard. Additional lines can be included on request. All lines are supplied with a UK local STD code and billing comes in addition to the monthly rental price.

The service offers 2 dish sizes with individual coverage areas:

e-SEA™ H60: 60cm dish diameter:

e-SEA™ H90: 85cm dish diameter:


e-SEA™ H service options:

Surf 200H:

512/128k always on unlimited data: Typical data rates 150/30K

Surf 500H:

512/256k always on unlimited data: Typical data rates 300/60K

Surf 1000H:

1024/256k always on unlimited data: Typical data rates 600/60K

Surf 2000H:

2048/512k always on unlimited data:Typical data rates 1200/120K

Surf 4000H:

4096/256k always on unlimited data:Typical data rates 2400/60K

Surf 128KD (Dedicated Uplink):

512/128k always on unlimited data:Typical data rates 300/128K

Keep crew and guests happy, and connected to business and home, with an array of internet, VoIP and marine satellite TV access. Save on your own voice and data costs while your crew enjoys the benefits of reliable, high quality onboard marine communications facilities.

Benefit from affordable maritime satellite technology with e-SEA™ H, the easy option for internet at sea.


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QuoteOur vessel "Kingdom of Fife" is primarily engaged in a wide range of mooring and navigation buoy maintenance tasks. It has used the e-SEA™ system from Woodsons for some time now, and it has transformed our approach to shipboard communications. Benefiting from always on broadband without punitive data charges has allowed easy communications with the vessel and I am pleased to recommend it to others. Quote

Iain Ross
Marine Operations Director of Briggs Marine

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