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New Vessel Guiding Star H360

New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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Simrad ES70 Multibeam Echo Sounder

Simrad ES70 Fish finding echo sounder
The Simrad ES70 is a high accuracy professional single- and split-beam multi purpose fish finder.

    State of the art echo sounder for professional and semi-professional users
    High resolution - high accuracy
    Zoom function with biomass information
    Bottom hardness
    Innovative display gain functionality
    Seamless automatic range
    Automatic pulse length adjustment
    Unlimited number of personal settings
    Fast and easy operation
    Improved bottom detection functionality
    24 hours “on-screen” history
    Menu system in multiple languages
    Up to six frequencies shown simultaneously
    Optimized for wide screen displays (16:9)

The ES70 screen capture shows the echogram provided by a Simrad ES38 split-beam transducer. An area of the echogram has been zoomed in. Additional information panes are used to reveal fish position and size distribution.


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QuoteOur vessel "Kingdom of Fife" is primarily engaged in a wide range of mooring and navigation buoy maintenance tasks. It has used the e-SEA™ system from Woodsons for some time now, and it has transformed our approach to shipboard communications. Benefiting from always on broadband without punitive data charges has allowed easy communications with the vessel and I am pleased to recommend it to others. Quote

Iain Ross
Marine Operations Director of Briggs Marine

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