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New Vessel Guiding Star H360

New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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JMA-5300Mk2 Black box radar 19” high visibility LCD screen Constaview™ digital signal processing TEF™ multi-level target enhancement High speed version available Brushless antenna motors for extended lifetime.

Simrad Halo Radar


Combining the best characteristics of our traditional pulse and 4G broadband radar systems, Simrad Halo Radar uses Pulse Compression technology to deliver an unprecedented mix of close and long range detection, precise target definition, and low clutter.

Simrad Broadband 4G Radar


This FMCW radar has all of the benefits of the revolutionary Simrad Broadband 3G Radar but with more advanced features, including beam sharpening for target separation control, dual range radar (NSE & NSO) and increased target detection capabilities.

Koden MDC-2900 Radar


MDC-2900 Series 19-inch Color LCD/Black Box Marine Radar.

Koden MDC-2500 Radar


MDC-2500 Series 15-inch Color LCD/Black Box Marine Radar.

Koden MDC-941 Radar


High-performance, sophisticated signal processing, usually found only in larger professional grade radars.