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Olex Plotter

The Olex 3D Chart system provides a unique combination of navigation, fishery and seafloor mapping.

By using data from a ship's own Echosounder and GPS, the Olex system collects real-time data about the seafloor, building into a realistic seafloor view.

Olex has both 3D and 2D Modes allowing for a clear understanding of the topography of the area. The excellent 3D view gives a detailed picture of a particular area. Several 2D modes such as relief, depth contour and bottom zoom, highlight both flat and complex terrain. Olex also has a special function which shows 2D profiles along transects of choice.

Combined with excellent seafloor mapping, Olex is also an extremely powerful plotter. It is easy to store marks, comments, track lines and areas. Track lines can be coloured to allow for easy recognition. Plotter data is organised into plot layers, which are individually named, making it very easy to distinguish between different types of data.

Olex allows chart data, seafloor data, plotter objects and radar targets to be brought together in a single easily read display.

Olex Features:

Effortless vector chart handling

Fast and smooth zooming and chart rotation

Easy route planning and editing

Tracking and naming of radar targets

Autopilot interface for computerised sailing

Depth and elevations in meters, fathoms or feet.

Automatic tide correction

Animated lights and sectors

Shows previous depth sounding for safer navigation

All trips stored for future reuse

Water temperature logging

Connects to GPS, Echosounder, Gyro, Radar (ARPA), Temperature Sensor, Heading Sensor, Autopilot

Additional Functionality:

Bottom Hardness Mapping

The Olex system can also be connected to the Simrad EQ60, ES60 and ES70 Echosounders. This makes it is possible to map the hardness of the seabed.

The system analyzes the bottom echo; taking into account pulse length, beam width and transducer type. A bottom backscatter is calculated and added to the internal chart. The hardness is then shown in an easily read adjustable coloured format, ranging from deep pink for soft bottom to bright yellow for hard.

Olex ITI Module:

The system can also be interfaced with the Simrad ITI trawl positioning system. The true position of the trawl is shown is 2D and 3D. This will also show distance, bearing, door spread and track.

Olex AIS Module:

It is also possible to fully integrate the Olex system with the AIS, via the optional module. This allows the Olex to graphically show the location of any vessels which have been located by the AIS.

Olex WASSP Module:

Olex also takes advantage of the information provided by the WASSP multibeam echosounder to provide an extremely detailed picture of the seafloor. Fish and other objects, like ropes and cables, are able to be detected by the Wassp multibeam sonar, mapped by Olex and immediately shown in 2D and 3D. By pointing at the map the Olex user can see the exact position of the fish and objects

Olex HT Module:

Olex connects to Simrad ES60 and EQ60 echosounders for seabed hardness mapping. The system analyzes the bottom echo, taking into account parameters such as pulse length, beam width and transducer type. A naturalized bottom backscatter is calculated and added to the internal chart. The hardness is shown as adjustable colors from deep pink for soft bottom to bright yellow for hard. The actual echosounder data can also be shown, with present and historic data.

Olex SB Water Current Mapping Module:

SB make the Olex able to detect and map water currents. By analyzing five NMEA data types - position, speed over ground, course over ground, true heading, and speed through water - the vessel drift related to ground is calculated and shown as a variable-size arrow pointing away from the ship. This drift is assumed to be representative of the water current.Accuracy is very good and only limited by instrument resolution.

Olex HGPS Module:

The HGPS-module uses position and height from the highly accurate Marinestar GP9205 receiver to place every single echo sounding exactly on the seafloor. This enables the user to create extremely high resolution sea floor maps using a single beam echo sounder.


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QuoteThe e-SEA™ system from Woodsons is great. We've got a wireless connection through out the vessel and I have my Blackberry tuned into the network, so I have instant access to all my emails all the time. I also use Skype on our PC to keep in contact with my family at home and it makes going away much easier when you can have a video call to home at any time. If I had to choose between the broadband and the TV for onboard, I'd choose the broadband… magic Quote

James West
Skipper of the Golden Sceptre (Fishing Vessel)

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