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New Vessel Guiding Star H360

New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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Built by Macduff Shipyards Ltd. for Skipper Lovie and Partners of Whitehills to a high level of specification, the new 29m whitefish twin rig stern trawler Endeavour IV represents the biggest whitefish boat to join the Scottish fleet for nine years.

Endeavour IV






The Endeavour IV arrives in Kinlochbervie after maiden voyage

While Woodsons are renowned for their quality of internal fit-out, there is no doubt that the layout and finish in the Endeavour IV wheelhouse sets new standards.

Most of the display screens are flush mounted in the main forward console, two chairs flank the usual centre console, which is backed by a chart table and storage drawers. Two unobtrusive bridge wings c/w with engine/steering controls and 10.4in radar repeater display screens are also fitted.

Endeavour IV front consol









Endeavour IV Wheelhouse centre consol with commanding view

Fish finding and bottom sounding duties are performed by a Skipper GDF201 Black box deep water colour sounder operating on 38kHz. Supporting both ARPA and AIS, the main radar is the latest design Koden MDC-1800 BB unit backed up by a Koden MDC-1041 radome radar.

Positioning data is processed by two Koden KGP-913 DGPS and GPS receivers, which in turn are interfaced to a dual screen Olex 3D seabed mapping system and two Sodena EasyWin plotting systems all providing information on Navigation, accurate seabed contour and fishing data.

Heading information is provided by a Simrad RGC50 gyrocompass which in turn is interfaced to a host of equipments including the Navitron NT-921G autopilot providing Endeavour IV with accurate steering control and the obvious benefits this brings in fuel efficiency.

Communications and GMDSS equipment includes, Sailor 5000 series MF/HF GMDSS radio telephone, Icom and Sailor VHFs, ICS Navtex, Sailor Inmarsat C,  McMurdo G5 Smartfind EPRIB, PhonTech internal, RAY 430 external intercoms and a CCTV system with 7 switchable cameras.

Endeavour IV

Endeavour IV leaves Macduff for the fishing grounds

When deciding on the extensive electronics package, owner, Peter Lovie, put great importance on cost effective and reliable satellite communications and, with this in mind, had no hesitation in including a SEVSAT satellite communications system providing all on board with wireless 24/7 always on high speed internet connection and low cost telephone lines with Aberdeen numbers.

Entertainments on board are provided by a Sea Tel satellite television system c/w TV distribution to Galley and all cabins, ensuring owner and crew are kept up to date with all current news, sports and entertainments channels whilst at sea.

Both SEVSAT and Sea Tel TV antennas are positioned on the gantry directly aft of the wheelhouse roof providing a striking image and uninterrupted 360 degree view to the satellite

The use of a VGA matrix switching system gives total flexibility to select which displays are shown on the eight 19in flat screens in the main console, in addition to the 17in slave monitor positioned at the trawl console, the smaller display screens in the wing consoles and the monitor in Skipper Lovie’s cabin.


QuoteThe e-SEA™ system from Woodsons is excellent for crew morale, welfare considerations, downloading attachments, web surfing and just great to have on board. It is essential really in this day and age. Service from all at Woodsons has been exceptional, any technical problems have been attended to rapidly and information forthcoming from the people who have attended the vessel, so full marks there. Quote

Captain of Pacific Blade (Anchor Handling Vessel)

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