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New Vessel Guiding Star H360

New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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Kaijo KCS3221Z

KCS3221Z Low Frequency Sonar

This is Kaijo’s most powerful low frequency sonar. The KCS-3221Z was constructed to meet the demands of discerning professionals and larger fishing vessels. Transmitting frequency 20 KHz and extremely long detection range due to patented transmission method and RDT mode. KCS-3221Z is class leading when it comes to reliability and detection range.

KCS-3221Z is class leading when it comes to reliability and detection range. This sonar is typically sold together with our KCH-3180 high frequency sonar, as they form a very good combination. Please contact us if you wish to receive more information about this product, such as detailed references. User manual and brochure can be found under documentation.
• Extremely long detection range, together with minimal side lobes.
• For detecting herring, blue whiting, horse mackerel, capelin. Fish finding in general.
• 2 independent vertical or horizontal cross sections.
• Very robust and powerful transducer in a stainless steel dome containing as much as 768 elements which are independently tuned at factory.
• Comes delivered with the new control panel, with better ergonomics and more functions. It also has an updated design and the possibility to connect an ordinary mouse for increased ease of operation.
• Better noise elimination filters.
• Very robust hull unit, with reliable guide rings to ensure less exposure to vibration.
• Tracking of up to 3 fish shoals simultaneously. (Speed and direction).
• Patented transmission method gives you longer transmission pulse which translates into longer detection range.
• Full stabilization and more options for filtering unwanted noise.
• Comes with RDT technology as standard, which will give you up to 20% increase in detection range.
•You can store and easily recall up to 10 separate custom user setups for different situations and types of fish.
• The narrow beam of only 7° results in excellent performance also in shallow waters, as you can look further before surface and bottom noise becomes a problem.


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QuoteOur vessel "Kingdom of Fife" is primarily engaged in a wide range of mooring and navigation buoy maintenance tasks. It has used the e-SEA™ system from Woodsons for some time now, and it has transformed our approach to shipboard communications. Benefiting from always on broadband without punitive data charges has allowed easy communications with the vessel and I am pleased to recommend it to others. Quote

Iain Ross
Marine Operations Director of Briggs Marine

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