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Woodsons engineers recently completed the installation and commissioning of a Seatel C Band global VSAT communications antenna on board the fishing vessel Hannover in Panama.

Hannover, a large factory freezer trawler, is currently fishing for Jack Mackerel in the South Eastern Pacific off the coast of Chile. Operating in such remote locations requires reliable, secure communications. The VSAT system provides them with this with an ‘always on unlimited use’ data service and low cost voice with crewcalling.

VSAT Antenna Hannover









C-Band VSAT antenna is lifted from dockside

VSAT Antenna on board Hannover









Hannover with VSAT antenna in place

Operating a factory ship requires constant contact with office and the land based supply chain as she remains fishing at sea for up to 8 months at a time. With supplies being delivered at sea and fish transported back to market there is no room for communications failure.

VSAT systems are now installed on a range of commercial, Oil and Gas and fishing vessels operating globally and has proven its reliability and quality of service in the harshest conditions in the world.


QuoteA word of thanks to Woodsons for a great year of hassle-free internet service. The feedback from my colleagues has been excellent and it is truly a service we could not contemplate being without at this stage. Keep up the good work! Quote

Pio McDevitt
Electrical Engineer on Safe Caledonia (Offshore Flotel)

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